The grand showcase of packaging design



Luxe Pack Los Angeles has been a success for yet another edition, this time with the Californian city becoming the capital of Premium packaging design for a few days. Companies and professionals gathered in LA to showcase some of their most innovative and thought-provoking proposals, while reflecting on key values in the sector, such as design and sustainability.

The latest edition of the renowned Luxe Pack took place on 23rd and 24th February and once again showcased the Premium packaging sector at a first-rate event, as we have now become accustomed in each new edition.


ESTAL at Luxe Pack

We attended Luxe Pack Los Angeles with some of our latest design propositions in packaging for beauty and packaging for spirits and wine.

Designs whose central value lies in bringing together traditional and contemporary elements and highlighting sustainability, as is the case with the Magister collection in Wild Glass, which combines the latest in contemporary lines with the new colour trend made with 100% recycled PCR glass. Sustainability is key in Wild Glass, incorporating a design that enables us to utilise more of the units produced while integrating imperfection as part of the character of the packaging.



The RUDE collection was presented for spirits, with a design evoking primitive silhouettes, a Choker neck, a weighty appearance in the bottle combined with light materials, and glass with a rough, natural finish and irregular distribution. Once again, our clear commitment to sustainability is more present than ever in this collection, since the RUDE collection is produced in Wild Glass.




All these innovations and many more could be experienced in Los Angeles, but if you want to check out all our new offerings, please visit our online catalogue and store.