In Wild Glass the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Wild Glass is a movement in which its identifying features are the cause and consequence of a more sustainable, efficient, and honest production. Wild Glass uses up to 100% recycled glass in the production process and accepts the defect through a unique design language which translates to a new and unique range of glass colours.

The natural imperfections are beauty. Wild Glass is the new reference for a handmade image, is the new fashion colour, and it's produced by 100% recycled glass (PCR). Perfect for spirits, wines, beverages, gourmet and beauty.


What are you thinking for your sustainable brand?

Beyond the sustainability of materials and production processes, the market is taking a chance on excellence in design. In parallel, the consumer is looking for natural beauty solutions with all its imperfections, like a handmade and real product. The efficiency is one of the main pillars for ecological sustainability and Wild Glass doesn’t discard bottles with cosmetic (aesthetic) defects, reducing the rejects that causes discards. Your world is WILD, follow us at @wildglass_world.

Discover the Dome bottle in Wild Glass and its DobleAlto system.