News Packaging magazine interviews Jan Garcia, Estal Sales Director, focusing on the eco-friendly trend in the packaging market and the most premium innovations demanded by today's brands.

They have specialised in premium solutions for the packaging sector for more than 25 years. What are the differential values of Estal?

At Estal we are constantly working to differentiate ourselves by using unique and innovative techniques. Innovation is one of our core values, since we develop new solutions that, applied to different designs, achieve unique results. The level of design and creativity is also a priority. We always take into account the market trends in our work, and when we find a great opportunity, we break barriers.

What sectors do you work for?

For beauty, home-fragrance, distillery, wines, beverages and gourmet. We can also work for any industry interested in our products and work.

Doble Alto® is one of their flagship products. What are its characteristics and applications?

Doble Alto® is a glass technique that offers a new generation of glass packaging. It counts with double height at the base in order to improve the product appearance without necessarily increasing the amount of glass needed for its manufacture. The Doble Alto® bottles and packaging enhance the image of the product and add value to the content by presenting it on a double base that acts as a podium or stand. The facing increase, the singularity, and the greater presence and perceived quality of the product make Doble Alto® an innovative, exclusive and differential option.