On 28 March this year, a post was published in Yorokobu reflecting on the exhibition titled "La casa como reflejo en un Espejo" (The House as a Reflection in a Mirror), which can currently be visited at the Sala de Arte Joven in Madrid and is curated by Henan Xin.

In this exhibition several artists reflect on how we as people relate to our houses through different languages and actions, a concept inspired by the book titled House as a Mirror of Self by the American author Clare Cooper Marcus, who shares the following reflection:

“A home fulfils many needs: a place of self-expression, a container of memories, a refuge from the outside world, a cocoon where we can feel nurtured and let down our guard.”



The home is therefore a reflection of who we are and also of who we aspire to be. The items we consciously and unconsciously choose are a physical reflection of ourselves.

Home Fragrances are a good example of this. We choose a fragrance that represents us, which we identify with and through which we seek to immerse our guests in that specific, characteristic choice that fills the rooms of our home. We reveal ourselves through that scent and the design that the brand has carefully selected for showcasing a collection or a specific fragrance. This physical design that acts as a vessel, this creation which is the fruit of creativity and art, is yet another choice that we make and with which we also feel a connection, a complicity that makes us feel comfortable and proud to use it as a meaningful item when decorating our home. We understand each item to be both a contribution of our personality and a channel for the emotions we experience when we are in our safe space.

In home fragrances, design and product come together to form part of the mirror of ourselves that we choose to transform our home into.



The house is portrayed as a "container" of items that capture our being and that also construct our ego. So when we choose a fragrance for our office or workspace, we are simply bringing a part of ourselves into that space which is external to the home but in which we also aspire to feel "at home". It is a space in which the trust and comfort that a fragrance conveys work to enhance our creativity and our most genuine "self".

At ESTAL, we specialise in the design of luxury glass packaging, with home fragrances being one of the ways we demonstrate that creativity, elegance and the selection of a material as precious as glass are the best option for accompanying products that are present in so many moments of our lives.

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