Generation Z: natural cosmetic packaging 

Young activist Greta Thunberg has made headlines and stepped into the limelight in her fight against climate change and has become the spokesperson for an entire generation, the so-called Generation Z. This group is made up of those born in the late 1990s and early 2000s. With a special awareness of the environment and caring for our surroundings, Generation Z has become a firm defender of natural cosmetic packaging brands that work with natural products, and that eschew animal cruelty. Their daily use of social media also encourages them to look for cosmetic and perfume packaging that can be easily photographed and shared on Instagram.



Even better if it's natural

Creams and cosmetics that are natural or that also pay attention to other elements which allow them to take care of the environment they inhabit. In this way, young people feel that they are taking care of themselves, as well as taking care of their environment, and this care also includes pleasant sensory experiences. A feature of Generation Z is how they are attracted to aesthetic in their clothes, their leisure and work spaces, and cosmetic and perfume packaging, natural cosmetics or almost any item they choose for their lives. For them, this aesthetic component is a valuable factor that they actively seek and that turns them into demanding consumers.

Novel, ground-breaking and aesthetically appealing brands, preferably natural cosmetic packaging and with a notable presence on social media, are usually very successful among young Gen Z-ersThey like brands to tell them how to take care of their hair or skin, or how to be healthy, but they also pay attention to the pleasant experiences they can provide, such as pleasant smells and suggestive shapes and colours.

Of course, affordability is also a key consideration for members of this age group. And perhaps it is also because of their youth that they are not afraid to experiment with unknown brands if they have something different and fun to offer. Cosmetic packaging made from recycled glass or using natural materials such as wooden caps are very well received among this generation of young people who are concerned about the environment.

They go for citrus and soft floral aromas and, above all, they want them to be very fresh and to last. They differ in this way from other generations before them who went for more intense, fruity and sweet smells.



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