First Online Premium Bottle Catalogue

We are pleased to present the first online catalogue of Premium bottles, a new commitment to design and technological innovation for the benefit of our customers. ESTAL’s premium bottle design takes a qualitative leap forward in the digital environment, with the intention of optimising our services and continuing to innovate day after day.

Premium Bottles à la carte

We are always looking for the most innovative, efficient, and sustainable ways of working, in order to make the most cutting-edge bottle and packaging designs available to our customers. That is why we have spent months working on the creation of this innovative online catalogue, developed to adjust product configuration functionalities from start to finish. For example, in this new online Premium bottle catalogue, users can choose the lines, colours or rings of each of the different bottles before placing their order.

This first online Premium bottle catalogue has been developed via an e-commerce platform, relying on the experience of MULTIPLO, a company with more than 25 years of history and knowledge in the digital field.



Design, Innovation and Technology

In the words of Daniel Cuenca, CEO of MULTIPLO: “technologically, this platform was created in Magento 2.3, one of the most versatile and robust types of software that currently exists. We needed to choose a system that prioritises the creation of a simple user experience, resulting in an innovative and flexible platform. Thanks to this, users can purchase product samples or choose products not in unit quantities, but in transport quantities (pallets). We have also been able to integrate tools such as WhatsApp to provide immediate sales support and we also offer users the possibility of making international payments”.

These are only some of the most significant aspects, but “in addition to all this, we also have a very careful design which facilitates browsing and choosing products according to their different characteristics, alongside other aspects which offer a shopping experience that is fully guaranteed and secure”, adds Daniel Cuenca. 

A Vision of Evolution and Growth

The platform is designed with a vision of evolution and growth, so that it can be adapted to the needs that arise in a flexible and progressive way.

“The objective is none other than to offer the best customer service by making use of current technology, which makes it easy to centralise and analyse information in order to respond better. From the beginning, we understood that it was crucial for ESTAL to adapt to a changing environment and to provide maximum customer satisfaction,” concludes Daniel Cuenca.



We encourage you to familiarise yourself with ESTAL’s first online Premium bottle catalogue: