Efficient creativity in the design of bottles.

Combining creativity with efficiency is the ultimate dream of all designers and creators in any field of visual, plastic and decorative arts. When creating a product, being able to achieve this combination is something that brings us closer to greater success. That is why ESTAL has tirelessly investigated different materials and ideas in order to join these two fundamental elements in glass bottle designcreativity and efficiency.

And, how have we managed to bring them together for brands who put their trust in us?



Wild Glass, the fruit of creativity.

Finding the magical formula that would unite these two current trends in a market that is changing rapidly and increasingly demanding was our primary aim when creating Wild Glass. The design of the Wild Glass bottles means going one step further not only in terms of aesthetics, but also in terms of improving sustainability and, therefore, helping to care for the planet.

A colour that has higher tolerances than other more conventional ones, and that has an organic, authentic design, very similar to that of manually produced glass, but with all the advantages and characteristics of automatically produced glass.

A choice of two available colours: The Flint version, which is reminiscent of the sea and the wind, and the Wild Glass Dark, which is reminiscent of the earth and wood.


Reduced waste, increased care for the planet.

Sustainability and looking after the planet are logical and increasingly widespread concerns. Moreover, sustainability always goes hand in hand with efficiency, since being sustainable also means minimising expenditure on materials and resources, which are essential elements in the search for the most ecological solutions. This is why Wild Glass is a brilliant option. Unlike other production options, Wild Glass bottles are not discarded for having aesthetic imperfections. This reduces the impact caused by waste materials and, furthermore, the glass used in Wild Glass is 100% PCR (Post Consumer Recycled Glass).



The greatest achievements come with a reward.

The greatest achievements are often rewarded. Mostly these rewards are subjective, related to a job well done, learning or the experience itself... But in the case of Wild Glass, ESTAL also received an award at the Luxe Pack Green Awards in October 2019, with a special mention for its new colour in bottle design, made with 100% recycled glass.


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