Easy mixers, the natural handcrafted cocktail solution
The promoters, benchmark in the world of cocktail making, are committed to innovation through a disruptive product, which will professionalize and standardize the cocktailselaboration. Glass bottle: turning on to the early days of cocktail making linked to digestive potions that helped to counteract excessive meals, closely associated to druggists and curative attributes. From this "medicinal" feature, they incorporate thepharmaceutical presentationthrough the bottle. It is launched into the market in two product ranges:Eightsential, 8 cocktail making essential pre-mixers, andAlchemist Edition, a special series of pre-mixers for exclusive customers with a more premium treatment. Easy Mixers is the integral solution to integrate a cocktail offering in your business: Standardization of services and costs:Without being affected by the high turnover of the personnel and eliminating 100% the losses in products. HACCP, service agility and easy implementation:Cocktails in two steps, without affecting the qualification of the Staff and simplicity in the analysis of HACCP. Own identity and personality in your offer:A differentiating proposal with its own identity. A customized and personalised bottle with a unique and special image. The Eightsential edition, eight essential flours created for mix them with all kind of alcohols. Original creations for every glass spirit bottle: AMBER, vanilla and caramel. Sweet, wraparound, long-flavored base. GOLD MADRÁS, mango & curry madras. IPA RADLER, IPA beer. Hopping base, persistent. ORIENT, green tea, black tea, coconut, fig & jasmine. Balanced floral base, acid, sweet and fresh. RED MALLOW, hibiscus and orange. Acid base, fresh with notes of vanilla. ROSEMARY, pear and rosemary. Fragrant base. TEA MINE, green tea and jasmine. TERROIR, portobello and thyme. The Alchemist edition: SPICY, mate and cayenne. Nice base, vibrant and mordacious. QUEIMADA, coffee, cinnamon and citrus. Mystical base, happy and intense. MINT ORANGE, mint and orange. Sightly acidic base, refreshing and balanced. Estal is an specialist in creating personalised glass bottles for spirits, bespoke models and innovative solutions for our clients that differentiate their products in a highly competitive market. At the same time, we offer a wide range of models of . Contact us for more information.