Mindful of the value of innovation in the glass packaging premium sector, we keep committed and we have joined the Dsigntank project with the acquisition of 50% of the company.



Dsigntank is synonymous with innovation.

Dsigntank is the glass industry’s leading intellectual property fund. For the first time, the glass industry has access to a consolidated and independent IP bank.

This new company stands out from traditional consultancies, offering a repository of innovation with great technical and market expertise, as an extension of the brand in every project, in&out. It was created as a result of the industry’s loyalty to the valuable contributions that both partners have demonstrated up to now.


O-I Sommelier, Dsigntank’s big project in conjunction with Owens-Illinois.

Dsigntank signs global agreements with leading brands in the glass industry that are committed to a new strategic vision to improve the efficiency of their products and capitalise on their technological advances.

An example of this is the market launch of O-I Sommelier, the result of a collaboration between Dsigntank and the American company Owens-Illinois, a world leader in the production of glass packaging, with whom it has developed a new collection of bottles based on the new Sommelier concept, a Dsigntank patent that combines aesthetics and functionality for the emblematic wine sector.



Thanks to this new commitment, we are part of the most intellectual property bank in the glass sector.