Designing personalised bottles: a must for your brand.

Differentiate or die. Maybe things aren’t so extreme in the Premium product market... Or maybe they are. Nowadays, differentiation is essential for brands seeking to make a place for themselves in the Premium product market and in the minds of their consumers. And this statement is also valid for designing a bottle or packaging: personalisation means differentiation and is key for your brand.



Whether it is through the design of bottles, the design of cosmetic packaging or the design of a bottle for a spirits, wine, or other drinks brand, differentiation has become the key that opens the door to consumers, helping the product make an impression on them from the very first glance.


Differentiating the product and looking after the planet.

And, according to specialists, part of the process of improving the consumer experience involves personalising the packagingdifferentiating the product through its packaging.

But this objective cannot only be achieved through bottle and packaging design. It is also worth considering that young people, for example, are drawn towards brands that not only offer innovative design, but also care about saving the planet. Consumers are changing exponentially, possibly due to pressure from the younger generations, who want to care for the environment. For this reason, brands who fulfil this demand are better positioned in today’s market.



Innovation and personalisation, essential elements.

Premium brands compete to engage with the market’s most demanding and sophisticated audience. This is what occurs in the case of beauty brands, as well as with brands from the gourmet food or Premium drinks industries.

In the beauty sector, the need to differentiate the brand from the competition becomes apparent in the sales space, which is usually a shop that features all the competing brands in a limited environment. Competing with countless other brands as well as a large number of products within the brand itself is no easy feat. For this reason, having distinctive and innovative packaging can swing the consumers decisions in your favour right from the start.

The same occurs in the spirit, wine and sparkling wine sectors. For this reason, drinks brands are increasingly willing to invest more in terms of money and effort in order to maximise the consumer’s perception of the product.

Disruptive, differentiating elements and innovation will consequently generate unique experiences which will serve to attract and retain end consumers.



Creativity as a guide.

Glass bottle and packaging design and personalised packaging solutions are thus becoming major elements in attracting attention and encouraging sales.

Today more than ever, creativity is taking the lead when it comes to making an impact and being remembered by the public, making a place for the brand in their minds and, hopefully, their hearts. Awakening a pleasant memory by generating a positive and meaningful experience is the key to all of this. And the first step is to have a packaging design which is personalised, distinctive and spectacular.


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