2020 has begun with a bang, with Classic Blue being chosen as colour of the year, starting the new decade with elegance. Blue is a colour that can be identified with confidence, constancy and faith, inspired by the sea and clear summer skies.

Blue tones evoke calm, a mood which features in the raison d'être of some of the most valued and exclusive brands on the market. Blue is therefore at the forefront of the latest design trends for the whole of 2020.

Classic Blue is a blue that evokes depth, giving serenity and elegance to architectural spaces. It has been chosen as the main star this year, with combinations that offer originality, style and exclusivity. Combined with light colours from the range of whites, greys and other neutral tones, it gives some spectacular and refined results.

Choosing the colour trend

Choosing which colour will be on trend each year is a process that involves many people who specialise in the study of colour and market trends. Influences detected in different environments, such as fashion, entertainment, the design of industrial objects, fashionable places or holiday destinations, among other things, become essential variables when choosing the colour of the year.

The different textures, the technologies associated with colour, the narratives and elements that appear in video games or even in sporting events allow experts from the institution in charge of making the choice – the Pantone Color Institute – to base their selection on the trend observed in the environment.

For ESTAL and for any company where design is very important, the choice of a product’s colour is a vital element, so it is necessary to pay attention to upcoming trends.

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