When it comes to enjoying a good wine we always look for the full aesthetic and sensory experience. The Château Ciceron In Memoriam wine is the perfect example of balance between the quality of the product and its pleasurable appearance.



Languedoc rosé is in fashion and, in addition to complementing the everyday life of summer, it is the perfect companion for the culinary delights of any the season. Aromatic and fruity, with red berries and the luscious freshness of flowers from the garrigue scrubland, Château Ciceron In Memoriam Rosé is the perfect ally with which to experience the pleasures of life in the South of France.

The grapes are picked by hand in crates. Harvesting is only done in the morning to guarantee the freshness of the fruit. The grapes are pressed in whole clusters in a pneumatic press. The last of the press wine is discarded so that only the first, best quality wine is kept. Read more about the production process in www.saint-auriol.com/en/wine/chateau-ciceron-aop-corbieres-in-memoriam-pink