Many brands seek to give their product a hand-crafted feel as this helps to enhance their authenticity, naturalness and exclusivity, which are all attributes that they wish to transmit from the outset. The Choker embodies all these characteristics and so provides a clear communicative advantage.



A bottle with the CHOKER finish resembles a hand-crafted bottle. There is no other industrially produced bottle on the market that resembles a bottle with the CHOKER finish. As a result, it will provide your product with a real stand-out quality.

The technology behind the CHOKER allows the traditional neck to be eliminated in glass bottles, leaving them with a low-profile ring, similar to those which are hand-crafted.



Furthermore, it is possible to replace the finish of the bottle in order to create new models for other bottles using the same mould for the body. This allows brands to expand their range of existing products, thus providing great strategic value.



WILDLY CRAFTED is the first bottle collection to use the IP CHOKER. Through the use of a hand-crafted style, emphasising the CHOKER finish and the surface texturing of the bottles, WILDLY CRAFTED received the highest recognition in the SUSTAINABILITY category at the 2020 Pentwards, the world’s most important annual awards in the packaging sector.

This award recognises the value of the IP CHOKER on all levels, as well as its relevance and importance in the world of glass packaging today.