Ceremonially dressed homes with glass candleholders and stunning mikados.

Falling in love with our home again was one of our biggest challenges of 2020, a year filled with all kinds of trials and tribulations. Appreciating the space we inhabit and feeling protected, safe and comfortable in it has become a widely shared need. This has made us reflect on our homes and make plans to improve it with renovations, new furniture, decorative features, soft home furnishings and a range of options to make it a comfortable living space. So much so that sales growth in several sectors for all things home-related continues unabated.

Transforming the ambience of our home with something as simple as a warm blanket, a glass candleholder or a vase of brightly coloured flowers can help lift the mood of those living in it.



Home improvements, furniture and unique elements.

In this era of quiet meal times with just a few people, of teleworking and slow cooking, since we have so much more time on our hands, we also have more opportunities to take care of our home. More time to think about how our home makes us feel, what we like about it and what we would like to change about it. And since we have fewer opportunities to travel than before, we also have more savings to invest in our home. Perhaps all these reasons lie behind many people's decisions to make changes at home, sometimes big changes - such as investing in new furniture or remodelling spaces - and other times smaller, easier changes, with less of hassle and mess, by seeking out decorative or captivating features to help create a cosy and welcoming environment.



The five senses at home.

How do we create enjoyable experiences in our home? Well, just like anywhere else: through our five senses. And although each person has a sense that they may identify as their most significant, sight is usually the predominant sense that makes us fall in love with something. A beautiful design is always welcome in any object or space. With that in mind, glass candleholder, using pure and simple lines, is an ideal solution for decorating our home and adding a warm, welcoming filter to our home environment. Making the most of features that play with light and colour generates mood changes with a speed only matched by music.

onouring its surroundings, the glass candleholder adds beauty with its silhouette and the lines of its design, the transparency of the material and the light of the flame, while our sense of smell can transport us thousands of miles away, courtesy of its wonderful aromas. Fragrances inspired by sensual and woody, fresh and citrus, or sweet and spicy notes... All possibilities can be good, as long as they suit our personal taste. Lighting a candle in our favourite glass candleholder, putting on some relaxing music and enjoying a little indulgence to satisfy our sense of taste can also be a great way to take care of ourselves at home. Infusions of spices, aromatic herbs or spicy roots, such as ginger, play with our sense of taste and smell at the same time.

Finally, textures appeal to our sense of touch, so surrounding ourselves with soft cushions or blankets, attractive and silky fabrics on our sofas or armchairs, and even unvarnished, wooden side furniture allow us to add more richness to stimulate our senses.



At ESTAL, we are specialists in design and play with the different senses in our collections to provide the end user with an enjoyable experience they'll want to repeat. Textures, colours, lighting... Contact us to find the best solution in glass candleholders and other home fragrance items. We have more than 25 years’ experience advising brands in the sector.