Dubaï nous a donné l’occasion de découvrir les attentes d’un marché de plus en plus exigeant, en train de devenir une référence internationale fondamentale. Grâce à notre distributeur officiel , Beautyworld Middle East a été notre grande vitrine pour le Moyen-Orient, tant pour nos solutions de packaging premium pour la parfumerie, les cosmétiques que pour le Home Fragrance.

The perfume of scented candles has brought the new search for wellbeing into our homes. It’s always a good time to light a candle, create a cosy and relaxing image, and turn our home into a pleasant space of calm and serenity..

Pure Balance

Today the atmosphere, warmth and decorative touch of scented candles are a growing trend.

Our elegant Upper candleholders offer the perfect harmony between luxury and simplicity. The DobleAlto® system enhances the image of the candle, turning the double base of the candleholder into an elegant and exclusive podium.

Thanks to the cross-cutting nature of the DobleAlto® world, our perfumery, cosmetics and Home Fragrance products are now a reality, a unique solution for leading brands. .

Premium glass, gold and tones.

Candles have become an ally of our emotional wellbeing, due to both their aromatic essence and their contribution to decoration.

Our DobleAlto® system is the perfect solution to achieve the minimalist, contemporary and exclusive image that every great brand needs. From podium coatings in gold, silver or immaculate whites, to frosted and tinted concepts that seem to preserve a jewel of nature.