Mindful of the value of distinction, we try to stay one step ahead of market trends, seeking singularity in the development of our proposals for

As real packaging lovers, we create, design and manage projects from the initial idea to the final product, promoting maximum creative freedom, testing new materials, colour schemes, textures, and applying the most advanced technical and decorative innovations.

Have you already discovered the Wildly Crafted Collection?

is a portfolio of customized glass bottles that speak to a new paradigm of glass packaging that appeals to the essence of the global “craft brands” movement. These attributes include small batches where imperfections are embraced for aesthetic appeal and environmental sustainability benefits.

Artisanal, small batch glass bottle customized with a higher purpose… Wildly Crafted is a community. We welcome the idea that imperfect in the manufacturing process of customized glass bottle is a good thing.

Imperfection is beauty, what do you think about the new WILD GLASS?

is the new reference for a handmade image, is the new fashion colour, and it's produced by 100% recycled glass (PCR).

Beyond the sustainability of materials and production processes, the market is taking a chance on excellence in design. In parallel, the consumer is looking for natural beauty solutions with all its imperfections, like a handmade and real product.

Our Sommelier is today a reality in the wines market, are you ready?

seduces with its simplicity, connecting the ring and the neck with a small hollow groove in the glass.

There is no longer any extra thickness formed by a counter ring or a rim, but an almost continuous line from the shoulder to the top of the ring.

Much more than a new glass ring, SOMMELIER is a complete concept that, while enhancing the overall silhouette and perceived quality of the bottle, offers real functional benefits.

If you are coming to Dusseldorf, visit us at the booth F38 (Hall 13) at Prowein 2021… sure we’ll find the best packaging solution for your brand. SEE YOU THERE