How do we picture it?

Authentic, elegant and unique… the best option for a great wine!

Which unique benefits does it offer?

Unique shape. The shapes a continuous neck and mouth bottle, producing a cleaner and more essential design.

Forcefulness. It’s presented in a lightly wider neck than usual, achieving a more forceful image of maximum excellence.Wide neck bottles are associated with premium and luxury wines.

Perfect cutting line. The SOMMELIER slot guides the edge of the cut, facilitating the cut of the capsule. The result is a clean, straight cut at neck of the bottle. Unlike the rest of the standards mouths, the cutting line is unequivocal and guided.

Moreover, SOMMELIER functions as an anti-drip barrier.

Great advantages without the need of great changes. The new SM mouth adapts to the needs of the customer:

Our aim is to bring value, excellence in innovation, always with easy application proposals.

Differentiate your product with the , using the same cork, with no changes in the speed of production, adapting to the design of your bottle, and keeping the same bottle weight and height.