A new space, a new outlook

'Shoshin' is a concept in Zen Buddhism that can be translated as 'beginner's mind', beckoning us to move away from the vision of an expert, who knows all the paths because they have already travelled them. 'Shoshin' brings us closer to an open perspective, to see every situation, opportunity or project through new eyes, and to free ourselves from preconceived ideas. In the mind of the beginner, all options are possible, all variants are open, while in the mind of the expert, paths become much narrower.

Creation, innovation and care


With this attitude of openness towards new possibilities, in the quest for unexplored places and new environments, at ESTAL we decided to find a new setting in which we could bring our projects to life. And after a lot of dedication and searching, we settled on a new office building in the Barcelona neighbourhood of Poblenou, in an emblematic location where creation and innovation take centre stage.

Our new offices bring together the Projects department, the Sales and Exports department, an ocean-facing Showroom, an inspiring Patio and an entire floor dedicated to creative space, where a permanent exhibition can be found. There are also large work and meeting rooms, but most notable are the open spaces, plant-adorned terraces and inspiring sea views.

Taking care of the places where the people who give life to ESTAL work was a key objective for us, something that drove us to find a place that embodied this care and made it a key feature. On a daily basis, our team imagines, designs and makes it possible for ESTAL to continue creating and accomplishing the most cutting-edge design in glass bottles for our clients. Each and every creation and success bears this mark. We know that ESTAL's people are the essence of each of our projects and that taking care of these people means taking care of what makes us who we are.

In our new home, we focus on and promote our values: product creation and design that is always rooted in sustainability. What's more, we are now giving a place to the pioneering creation represented by the Make a Mark initiative in our exhibition space. The creative freedom that this project embodies is also reflected in the multiple propositions generated by participating agencies and the products they have created. When you next come to visit us, you will be able to admire all of them, allowing yourself to be impressed by the talent that the participants in this initiative have contributed.



Take a look at the sea

After many months of not being able to meet in person, filled with distance and virtual encounters, it's time to see each other once again and talk face to face. With that in mind, we would like to invite you to come and take a look at our new offices, with their impressive design, a façade inspired by Piet Mondrian's flat colours, light-filled rooms and open spaces, swaying in the Mediterranean breeze.

We would like to meet you again in our home, where you will feel welcomed as if it were your home too. Get in touch so that we can meet up and come tell us about your projects and hear about ours. We'll see you at Taulat, 27, Barcelona. We look forward to seeing you!