We are proud to present the 7 designs on Estal products awarded in Pentawards 2020 edition.

We appreciate the trust of our dear customers and outstanding designers who allow us to present Estal innovative catalogue with exclusive designs. Congratulations to all!

Our collection of bottles, icon of natural beauty and craft distillery, has been awarded the Gold Award for Sustainable Design designed by . Wildly Crafted is a collection of bottles that responds to a new paradigm in the world of glass packaging, which connects with the essence of the “craft brands” movement. The Wildly Crafted range adopts the idea that imperfection applied in the bottle manufacturing process contributes to build a “rough” brand look, aligned to the crafter’s community values.

Our concept has also been awarded with the Bronze Award for wines. Thanks to and Mario di Paolo for the amazing design. explains the source of inspiration: Album di Famiglia is a tear from time, an indelible and indissoluble link with our origins, retraced through the story of three authentic and strictly organic wines from Puglia.

Diamon Award.

The most prestigious Diamond Award goes to the new Vodka of , with a beautiful and distinctive Estal closure. Air Co.’s product is carbon negative, removing a pound of carbon from the air with every bottle produced.

Gold Award.

The bottle, has been also awarded with a Gold Award. We are proud to have collaborated in such enriching projects that today they are justly awarded. Portuguese designers are winners of multiple awards for the quality and excellence of the solutions created over more than 20 years of achievements.

Platinum Award.

Pridem’s Gin has been awarded the Platinum Award in Spirits, design of , with a marked and own personality, al