Organic textures

Glass that inspires, glass with organic textures reflecting nature.

We embrace a design that brings us closer to the shapes we find in our surroundings, to the touch of what we mold with our own hands.


Nature that Inspires

At Estal, we work to support brands during the birth of new products or in the redesign or reimagining of classics. We apply organic textures to collections designed to evoke everything we admire in nature. We send a message of sustainability and craftsmanship to the consumer by creating glass packaging with shapes and designs that inspire and move.


Discover how the attributes of a more sustainable production, such as the beauty of imperfections, the use of recycled glass, and organic design, create high-impact glass packaging for your brand.

Authenticity crafted into packaging

Will you dare to touch?

Our bottles with organic textures are designed with a focus on customization, creating visual and tactile effects that engage the senses.

Labelable and Screen-Printable Surfaces

he textures do not interfere with bottle labeling. In addition, this relief glass has been specially designed to allow for screen printing techniques.

Discover the collections with organic textures.