Designs with a handmade soul, irregular and slightly asymmetrical. Imperfections with pure character for bottles that breathe nature.


Each bottle is unique, different, and has a positive impact

The soul of sustainable consciousness is reflected in each bottle with a unique silhouette. Glass packaging that evokes simplicity, lightness, and elegance. Natural designs, contemporary style, and visual and tactile attributes that make them unique.

Accepting asymmetry makes us more sustainable.

We work to achieve the least possible impact on the environment. By choosing to embrace asymmetry, we reduce the amount of glass used for each bottle, thereby avoiding further extractions from the environment. Opting for an asymmetrical aesthetic, your brand makes a statement of intent: a commitment to uniqueness and sustainability.

Natural designs.

These nature-inspired proposals are visually beautiful, and their commitment to the environment is evident in our sustainable production practices.


Choose asymmetry for your brand, choose a commitment to design and the planet.

Discover collections with organic textures.