The Corkcoal Collection is made of cork and activated charcoal, two natural and renewable materials working together!

Activated charcoal naturally neutralises and traps unwanted substances from cork.

Wild Glass for Spirits

The RUDE Collection is designed in a way that is perfectly recognisable and different from the rest of the spirits on the market.

With a distinctive craft aesthetic, allowing to expand and customise the collection in a more sustainable and cost-efficient way as the bottle necks diameter remains the same. Is designed in a way that facilities the manufacturing process.

Wild Glass for Wines

The PRIMA Collection. The new natural, ecologic and organic designs. 

Contemporary old natural style language in industrial glass bottles with conceptual, visual and tactile attributes that are instantly recognisable as unique and a more sustainable packaging option for real brands. 


These attributes include small batches where imperfections are embraced for esthetic appeal and environmental sustainability benefits.

Our Wildly Crafted Wines comes in response to the unstoppable organic movement in design, with a type of wine bottle that fits that paradigm perfectly.


Wildly Crafted is a portfolio of bottles that speak to a new paradigm of glass packaging that appeals to the essence of the global “craft brands” movement. 

Artisanal, small batch glass bottle customized with a higher purpose… Wildly Crafted is a community. We welcome the idea that imperfect in the manufacturing process is a good thing.

100% recycled glass

Wild Glass is the new reference for a handmade image, is the new fashion color, and it's produced by 100% recycled glass (PCR).

Beyond the sustainability of materials and production processes, the market is taking a chance on excellence in design. In parallel, the consumer is looking for natural beauty solutions with all its imperfections, like a real product.


The SOMMELIER concept seduces with its simplicity, connecting the ring and the neck with a small hollow groove in the glass.

There is no longer any extra thickness formed by a counter ring or a rim, but an almost continuous line from the shoulder to the top of the ring.

Much more than a new glass ring, SOMMELIER is a complete concept that, while enhancing the overall silhouette and perceived quality of the bottle, offers real functional benefits.


We’re delighted to be enlarging our Sommelier collection with the new Bold bottlea true work of art. When we prepare to enjoy the qualities of the wine, we not only try to place ourselves in a relaxing, friendly environment, but we also hope that the brand we have chosen offers us a superb sensory and aesthetic experience; the power of a brand is not perceived in a rational way, but through our emotions.

With a new minimalist ring profile, Sommelier combines the most innovative design with functional improvements for the consumer.


Authentic, robust, and a clear tribute to the custom trend. The rebellious and non-conformist soul of the new Hot Rod awakens our bravest spirit. Hot Rod is the first bottle made without finish ring for distillery.


Philos, a complete solution. The harmony between a bottle and its closure is crucial in the quest to achieve a perfectly balanced, all-embracing image.

Retrieving the value of carefully crafted handmade products reminds us of the importance of things done the right way. ECO & PREMIUM DESIGN, a reality.


The natural sophistication of the new Opera bottle, is the natural result of the balance between the great presence of the DobleAlto® system, and the purity in the Track-Ring finish.


The simplicity of its lines and its commitment to distinction make it the timeless design par excellence.


DobleAlto® is a glass technique which consists on the creation of a double base in order to increase the overall height of packaging and brand presence, without increasing the amount of glass needed for manufacturing.

We create à la carte packaging solutions.
We make any idea you have possible,
from the initial design right down to the last detail.