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 Magnum wine bottles of high capacity are the result of a careful work to achieve an image of undisputed prestige and exclusivity. The best wineries and the most expert producers rely on the experience of our brand for their Magnum wine bottles. It provides better conservation, is the undisputed queen of parties and numerous celebrations: the Magnum wine bottle displays its capacity and prestige wherever it is. All the art of innovative design for Premium brands in ESTAL magnum bottles. Get inspired! 


Luxury finishes for a magnum bottle

We know the importance that packaging provides to the final product. In the case of Magnum bottles, customization with luxury finishes becomes the perfect ally for magnum wines as it significantly increases their value for the final customer, and makes it an ideal product for special gifts or for wine cellars lovers. 

We create à la carte packaging solutions.
We make any idea you have possible,
from the initial design right down to the last detail.