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This is our vision, which is yours?

The differential value and exclusivity level of any premium article entails a perfect election of the type of décor, since it becomes the finishing touch of the design.

The tone, luminosity and saturation of the color, allows intensifying it to a greater or lesser degree, awakening different emotional reactions.

The current trend for texturized containers brings a bonus to the design, since we are not only talking of the perception of an image, but also of the visual texture that it offers, and especially of the emotion that we get thanks to the tactile experience of a rough, smooth, cool or soft-touch surface.

The ideal selection for seducing

At Estal, we manage every project from the initial idea to the final product, finding the best option for every product. Aware of the value of distinction, we try to be ahead of the market trends, looking for singularity in the innovation of our glass bottles for wines or distillery, our perfume bottles, our cosmetic jars or any other container.

Get in touch with our experts in order to know all the possibilities in partial recoating with gradients, window or background registration marks; in metallizations, in random effects and in all the conventional solutions. In screen printing, hot and cold stamping, digital printing, 360º marking, metallic serigraphs, text and logo registration marks for laser treatment, etc.

The packaging must convey the values and personality of a brand, in such a quick and effective way, that the design, the selected materials, the color and the texture, must seduce the consumer in order to awaken his interest.

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