The new Sommelier

There are key moments in the opening of a bottle of wine: cutting and removing part of the capsule, corkscrew support, a clean extraction, pouring without dripping, etc.


The challenging launch of the new Sommelier mouth was recognized by the prestigious jury of the Oscar de l’Emballage this past November 27th, as a finalist in the glass category. Let’s hope for the success to continue!


A guided cutting line, unequivocal and always perfect, a unique outline, and the anti-dripping effect absolutely required for an ideal pouring, are achieved thanks to the new Sommelier mouth. Far from it being a determinant factor, our client can go on with the same capsule, same cork, same production speed, same bottle height and same weight. It is adaptable to a standard bottle, and it has also been used to create the new Altiv, Emblem, Signo and Gran Signo collection…

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