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NEW LOOK in Barcelona

One year after the opening of our offices in Barcelona, we keep on striving to turn it into an open space for inspiration and new ideas.


Our day-to-day coordinating premium projects deserves a calm and relaxed atmosphere, which we have achieved thanks to the use of natural materials such as wood and glass, and also thanks to the great variety of plants that surrounds us!

With the aim to encourage creativity, individual concentration and the interaction of the whole team, we have gone for common work areas immersed with the product itself, as well as remote areas that favor silence and create an environment to favor more thorough tasks.


Our product is and will be the main image of many brands, since the packaging has become a fundamental conveyor of the values of a product; and therefore we try to take care of it as if it were a jewel.

At the showroom you can find all our ideas ordered, with lots of light, and within reach so that you can see them in detail, in its different versions, colors, textures and shapes... come and discover the different premium solutions that each one of the has to offer!


You will find bottles of sparkling and regular wine, as well as the new mouth Sommelier, our great challenge.

You will also have the chance to check the quality of our solutions for the distillery range, as well as for the gourmet world, with unique designs, differentiated thanks to our DobleAlto® system, with personality and individual character.

Don’t miss our beauty area, full of ideas not only for the perfume industry, but also for cosmetics, and home-fragrance... we try to innovate every day, we hope to surprise you!


Will you come? We will be happy to help you.

You will find us in Barcelona at 23 Ramón Turró, first floor.

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