Glass bottles that embellish and take care of the planet

Glass bottles that embellish and take care of the planet

Historians gather in their studies that the oldest remains of glass that have been found so far correspond to the Mesopotamian civilization and date from five thousand years ago. Despite the millennia passed since then, glass continues to be one of the most used materials and its qualities are still highly valued for the storage and conservation of liquids. Glass bottles are today one of the most widespread and effective ways to protect and preserve the most valuable and delicate substances, from drugs to perfumes, to wine or other liquors.

Glass bottles: a game of transparency and light

Glass and crystal are materials that transform light through the game of transparency and opacity. Its ability to filter and sift light through the textures, thicknesses and colors of glass, or its malleability to conform the most diverse figures, have made it an essential material to add beauty to the presentation of high quality products for centuries.

Glass bottles that are art

Such is the ability of glass to give beauty to the most diverse pieces, that it has become the protagonist in the construction of many architectural and artistic works throughout history. The stained-glass windows of the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris, for example, make up a myriad of small colored crystals that sift the sunlight and blur it, creating a singular and unique visual spectacle. Five centuries later, and framed within the Art Noveau trend, artists like Émile Gallé or René Lalique made a huge wager on this material with the creation of crystal and glass bottles, lamps and other objects, which became unique pieces of art for its beauty and the originality of its silhouettes. It is that understanding and consideration of glass as a noble and suggestive material, capable of reaching the highest levels of art and beauty, which serves ESTAL as a foundation and inspiration to stimulate our creativity in the design of glass bottles. The versatility and subtlety of this material helps us extract from it its highest performance and put it at the service of the most demanding brands and wineries and their production.

Environmentally friendly glass bottles from ESTAL

During the last 25 years, ESTAL has been offering packaging solutions through its glass bottles for wines and sparkling wines, such as Essentia or Espiga, understanding that the neatest and most innovative design, the excellence of materials and beauty should be linked to social responsibility towards the planet. This is the reason why we offer fully recyclable glass bottles in each and every one of its components, from the bottle itself, to the labeling and closure.

The philosophy of neatness that makes us who we are extends from our products to the environment. And this is because we understand that taking care of life and the planet is also our responsibility: we know that we have to be up to scratch to continue being present in the future.

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