Emblem, Essentia and Espiga: SOMMELIER’s three winning bets

The essential value of the wine culture and its production is tradition.


From the selection of the grape, its harvest and the treatment to obtain the best results; to the bottling or labeling for its presentation, absolutely everything that refers to the world of wine is related to the application of centuries-old techniques, care, quality and excellence.

The mission of a glass bottle is the conservation and protection of the wine industry’s most valuable thing: its wines, corollary of a work that may have been developed over the years and in which tradition and time have played a leading role . But not only protection is important: glass bottles and their design talk about the brand, the product, its balance, its harmony. Little wonder, the glass bottle is a key element of the image of the product and this deserves a delicate care in any article. With a good packaging selection it is possible to reinforce the transmission of the value and the image of the brand.

At ESTAL we know the world of wine with thanks to 25 years of dedication to the creation of glass bottles, specially designed to respond to the bottling of the best and most diverse products. Wine is origin, simplicity, demand and nuances, and those are the same elements to which we felt committed when we created the SOMMELIER range. Our bottles with SOMMELIER mouth combine technological innovation with excellent and state-of-the-art design, with strong and solid products, beautiful, with fine lines, light, simple and slender, bringing distinction, light, and purity.


The SOMMELIER concept

SOMMELIER is an innovative concept that refers to the finish of the bottle and that we introduce into its configuration. It involves the creation of a neck with a continuous finish, which results in a cleaner and more essential silhouette. The lines of the glass bottle from the SOMMELIER range offer an outstanding and more forceful image with a wider bottleneck. The SOMMELIER concept stands out as one of the most recommended options for those seeking differentiation, innovation and consumer satisfaction.

The SOMMELIER groove guides the cutting edge, which facilitates the cutting of the capsule in the neck of the bottle. The result is clean and straight. Contrary to the rest of the bottle mouth standards, the cutting line is unambiguous and guided. Another of its excellent contributions is that it works as an anti-drip barrier.

The SOMMELIER concept has become a watershed in the world of glass bottles for wines, because until its appearance, the traditional mouths were absolutely hegemonic. SOMMELIER is an evolution that brings distinction and differentiation, with an innovative solution. Our Emblem, Essentia and Espiga become ambassadors of the SOMMELIER concept, and combine simplicity, beauty and soundness to fine, light and slender lines. The light glides over pure, elongated and absolutely distinguished silhouttes.

And, of course, all of them keep and sublimate the high quality guarantee that we at Estal offer from to all our products. Should you like to know them better, you are welcome to visit our online catalogue.


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