For four days, rum has been in the spotlight of the world of distillates, thanks to the new edition of the “Congreso del Ron” in Madrid.

It was a pleasure to participate once more in the festival, especially in the conferences, which has allowed us to bring our vision about the future of Packaging:

Gerard Albertí, CEO at Estal, focused his presentation on the PREMIUM ECO PACKAGING, as an environmentally friendly solution that is innovative at the same time...the current Green trend.

The respect for the environment should be an additional value, and never a limitation for creativity and innovation, since the premium packaging of the future will focus on creating innovative designs without the need of adding more weight, which involves reducing the amount of glass. The consumer is increasingly demanding towards the ecological footprint of brands.

How do we achieve a PREMIUM + ECO container?

It is not only a matter of creating a lower weight container: it needs to be designed from the beginning to be less polluting, keeping the design with an innovative value, differential from an aesthetical, a technical and a functional point of view:


  • High value design, beyond expectations.
  • Produced respecting the environment.
  • Attractive and differential design, without the need for more weight.


Our new Philos is a clear example of the Premium Eco packaging, exceptionally elegant, with all the advantages of the DobleAlto® system, but lighter and Eco-friendly at the same time!


Learn more about our glass bottles for rum or any distillate!

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