DobleAlto® Core, a classic decanter adapted to a contemporary vision and technique

The new finish for DA Core allows to hide the characteristic collar of the industrially produced decanters and resembles the manually produced decanters’ finishes, overlapping a trim, formed by two equal pieces clipped together, over the bottle finish.

The new spirits bottle offers a current and traditional image, in accordance with Spirits market expectations:
  • Prestige. Distinction between the rest of decanters and spirits brands.
  • Presence. Proximity and tradition, both as a unique image.
  • Differentiation. Becoming different, because the product must to spotlight and communicate the values of each brand.
  • Possibility of customizing the DA bottom. Decoration or embossing. New decorating options to obtain an ideal and unique packaging. Personalized liquor bottles.

It belongs to our new Innovative collection with DobleAlto® technique, as Clarior, Cognata, Tramo Alta, etc, which are already placed on premium spirit glass bottles market.

Our system DobleAlto® is a glass technique which consists on the creation of a double base, in order to increase the overall height of the packaging and brand presence, without increasing the amount of glass needed for manufacturing.

DobleAlto® models enhance the product image and adds value to the brand by presenting it on a double base that acts as a podium. The increased presence and perceived added value of the brand makes DobleAlto® an innovative, unique and exclusive option.

DobleAlto® bottles are characterized by having a lower region visually comprised by 2 parts. This double base (that acts as a podium) increases the facing, singularity, presence and perceived value of the product, making DobleAlto® an innovative, unique and exclusive option for whiskies, gins, rum, etc.

DobleAlto® is a new design paradigm in the glass packaging field. A new formal territory which stills virgin, waiting for latent brands and new products that will challenge the current leaders in each category.

Discover all DA Bottles for Spirits collection in our website and contact us for more information about customized and personalised liquor bottles.


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