Design Share Days with Hrastnik

We are Design lovers. We love art, creative freedom and its hundreds of possibilities in the design of a premium packaging.


The design of a container must convey the values and personality of a brand through its image. The design, the selected materials, the color, and the texture, must seduce the consumer instantly; and that is the essence of our work at Estal.


Thanks to Hrastnik, a pioneer company in the manufacture of high quality glass containers, the second edition of our Design Share Days was once again a success. We shared ideas, and we were moved by art, learning from each other, thanks to the diversity of opinions and artistic points of view.


Great designers and creators of premium products joined us at the event, like CabelloXmure, PRC, Seriesnemo, Volta Brand and Olsson Barbieri, or like manufacturers of brands such as Essentia or Integra Fragrances. We really managed to form a spectacularly motivated group to discuss current design, trends, and future. We visited the Hrastnik factory and whitnessed its special and spectacular manufacturing process, and became opinion leaders for the special workshop on luxury packaging in distillery and beauty. On the last day, we took the opportunity to enjoy the exhibitions of creative and contemporary expression that a city like Ljubljana offers, serving as a closing toast and looking forward to repeating.


¡See you in the next edition with the focus in design, our great passion!









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