4 Sommeliers and a very special bottle

So… what inspires you?


Being inspired by a Sommelier bottle with Meritxell Falgueras on a beautiful afternoon looking out across the port of Barcelona offered us some interesting and new points of view.

The first sensation we feel when we admire a Sommelier bottle for the first time is different in each one of us, because some people feel attracted by its design and shapes, and others see it in a more emotional way.


Glòria Vallès, CEO at Winestyle, offered us her more business-oriented view: "I like it because it attracts me, I want to pick it up, I want to look at it, it has something different... It's fantastic for marketing departments".

Bruno Tannino, from Sapiens del Vino, pointed out from a functional point of view that "At the decisive moment of opening the bottle, which is a delicate moment of complete concentration, this is undoubtedly a very intuitive system that allows you to easily make a very clean cut".

Xavi Nolla, from Enoaula, told us about the first sensation the bottle gave him: "These bottles were saying 'Open me'... and then inviting me to enjoy what's inside..."

You can see the complete video at @estal_packaging.


Find out more about the Sommelier bottle

The SOMMELIER ring seduces with its simplicity, connecting the ring and the neck with a small hollow groove in the glass.

There is no longer any extra thickness formed by a counter ring or a rim, but an almost continuous line from the shoulder to the top of the ring.

Much more than a new glass ring, SOMMELIER is a complete concept that, while enhancing the overall silhouette and perceived quality of the bottle, offers real functional benefits.

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