DobleAlto® offers a new vision for perfume, cosmetics and home fragrance packaging.



Thanks to the double height of the base, we heighten the product’s presence without increasing the amount of glass needed to produce it. This innovation has allowed us to enhance the image of the packaging by attracting the consumer's attention thanks to its elegance and the way it is presented, which acts as a podium.

The DobleAlto® collection and its different models – DA AtticoDA Duomo and DA Tramo for perfumes, the DA Allure Dropper and DA Lumiere Jar for cosmetics and the DA Eco Philos and DA Upper for home fragrances – present a whole world of possibilities for brands. 

The entire collection can be customised to suit the needs and preferences of each brand, applying decorations such as silkscreen prints, metallics, gradients, frosted coatings, hot stamping or painting. They can also be customised by means of closures or accessories. In this way, we give a unique personality to packaging that is destined to be part of our lives, such as the container of the perfume we identify with, the cosmetic products we use as a form of daily self-care or items that decorate our home and give it personality.



Also in Eco version.

The vintage-inspired Philos collection of diffusers is also available for Home Fragrance. Thanks to the DobleAlto® Eco technology, this collection uses less glass and provides a lighter image and a perceptibly lower weight.

Find out what we can do for your brand and get inspired by our catalogues.

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