When an asymmetrical bottle is the most sustainable choice



More for less: How our lighter bottle innovation improves consumer perception.

Today’s consumers prefer products that are more environmentally friendly, and our lighter bottles are at the forefront of that trend. The keys to their acceptance are as follows:


  • Conscious choice: when brands choose our lighter bottles, consumers use fewer natural resources and reduce emissions. This is conscious consumerism.
  • Recycling and reusing: because they are 100% recyclable, our bottles especially appeal to well-informed consumers, such as Generation Z, who value sustainability and companies’ commitment to good practice and ethics.
  • Easy to use and transport: lighter bottles are easier to handle and transport, benefitting everyone involved in the production and logistics process.
  • Innovation and design: lightness is associated with innovation and a conscious use of design, our Prima Collection is the result of innovative work that combines functionality with aesthetics, appealing to consumers who value beauty and uniqueness.
  • Perception of quality and sustainable design: consumers prefer products that combine aesthetics with environmental commitment, and by meeting both of these criteria our bottles are the ideal way for brands to showcase their green initiatives.



At Estal we are committed to sustainability. We have created lighter bottles through an innovative design that makes them slightly asymmetrical and much more environmentally-friendly.


The Prima Collection is also available in 100% Post Consumer Recycled Glass. Glass that has lived a thousand lives and that is reborn in a wine collection created with a light, sustainable and environmentally-friendly product in mind, one which reflects the soul of a glass that is full of life.



Via collections that embody innovation, sophisticated design, and a deep commitment to sustainability, leading designers participating in the Make a Mark initiative have crafted projects including:



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