Could we feel any more connected to the meaning and values reflected by the Pantone Colour of the Year 2024? In the words of Pantone, it's a colour that 'enriches the mind, body and heart', a colour that awakens the relationship between the senses of taste, sight, touch and smell. It is a colour that highlights our desire to be with others, to share, to create a community and to work together.



At Estal, we believe that Peach Fuzz couldn't be more in tune with our own corporate values, a colour that enriches, that pushes us to grow, to innovate, to create... It inspires us to put our bodies and hearts at the service of glass and brands, sustainability and the ability to communicate everything our clients want to shout to the world. A colour that brings a sense of tenderness, so necessary in this world, so key to understanding that together we go further. A colour that conveys working with partners, customers and suppliers. A colour of sharing, with our teams, of ideas, creativity, passion and enthusiasm for a job well done, in the packaging sector and in life. A colour that inspires the creation of communities and conveys messages such as the pursuit of maximum efficiency, sustainability and innovation, always in the context of progress: always with an eye on the present.

Pantone also assures us that "it is a colour associated with well-being", another point on which we share a common vision, imagining how our home fragrance customers could be inspired by a colour that invites them to share their homes, to gather and enjoy the pleasure of finding in a fragrance the meaning of the word home.

Finally, we are delighted with the colour choices made by the specialists at the Pantone Colour Institute. Our hope is that it will be a source of inspiration for all our collaborators and the creation of wonderful things in 2024. Estal's glass, our innovation, our bottles and our closures will be ready to accompany creativity, enjoyment and pleasure.

“Let’s create, together!"