In 2023, the Estal team has witnessed the birth of our new brand image. This transformation was made possible thanks to many people, both from Estal's internal Marketing and Communication team and our daily suppliers, who have dedicated their heart and soul to make it a wonderful reality.

This change in image – logo, typography, corporate colours, graphic applications – comes with a reflection and a shift in our values, those that define who Estal is as a brand and accompany our goals to make them a reality year after year. Innovation is the cornerstone of Estal. Researching, experimenting, reinventing ourselves, and bringing truly innovative solutions to the market is our raison d'être as a brand.

On this journey, we have surrounded ourselves with the best partners, thanks to whom Estal's glass and closures, comprehensive packaging solutions, shine alongside products that seek recognition and iconic status in the market. To internally celebrate this rebranding, we organised a photography contest with a clear premise: What does Estal mean to you, and what do you feel and convey about the new brand image, its colours, logo, typography, and application?

From there, creativity flowed through our teams from Operations, Logistics, Purchasing... to the entire Sales team, Administration, Finance... the whole company imagining, creating, and inventing scenarios through which they creatively express what they feel when they talk about Estal.



Judit Seguranyes, our Logistics Manager, entered several images into the contest and, after being recognized as the winner, we spoke with her about her experience and insights:

What does Estal mean to you, Judit? To me, Estal is synonymous with commitment. It's a commitment we display towards our values and the goals we each set for ourselves, the achievements we strive for in our area, leaving us with the satisfaction of having done our best. It signifies constant motivation for new challenges and the acceptance of changes that come with significant company growth. I see this acceptance of change as a kind of personal challenge, as with the speed at which we operate and the market demands, we all engage in a daily task of fitting into a wheel that, fortunately, never stops. Above all, Estal means responsibility to me.

After what you've shared, how does the new brand image fit into this? What are your personal thoughts and feelings about it? I think it's important as a visible face, as a letter of introduction to our clients. It conveys significant changes, it's the visible part of a series of changes affecting us internally: organizational, procedural, innovative, motivating. It's how the creative team has found a way to put the finishing touch to everything we've been developing and observing from all areas. The colors convey serenity to me; they make me think that everything is done thoughtfully, that each professional team meticulously measures everything we produce to make it unique and perfect.

How did you come up with the idea for the photos you submitted and won the photography contest with? I thought about the slogan 'Glass beyond glass' and looked for ways to creatively express that. One of the images represents what we see through glass. On the other hand, I sought to bring to life the name of one of our bottles from the innovation catalog. I chose the Bubbles Collection, for perfumery and home fragrance. I really like this collection, for its delicacy and appearance, and for all the innovation I know it incorporates. I took one of our cork keyrings and combined it with a bottle to which I added bubbles. I liked the contrast and it made me think about how our Project colleagues and the innovation direction work to create so much and make the rest of us think it's simple, when, without a doubt, it's a complicated task that demands we always stay ahead.


Thank you very much, Judit.