We've reached that time of the year when we all reflect on what has happened, both professionally and personally, or together, as for many, the passion for our work often blurs the line between what you do for your profession and what you do out of sheer devotion. At Estal, we can only express our gratitude to our team: for their dedication, commitment, and determination in the face of every complexity in projects, for their ability to reinvent themselves, innovate, and always be attentive to a changing universe that makes innovation and effort our cornerstone. Thank you, everyone!



Everything we achieve, year after year, is thanks to our committed and attentive team, a team that proudly wears our colours and recognises our glass shining alongside our clients in every shelf, event, or fair. This thank you also goes to them, to all those brands that trust us by placing their most precious asset in our hands: their product. Seeing wines, spirits, beverages, oils, beauty and home fragrance products become unique, unrepeatable and protagonists of their own story through our glass is undoubtedly the living proof that what we do makes sense. Thank you for trusting Estal to present your precious product to the world and wrap it in sustainable, premium, innovative and, let’s say it… wonderful packaging.

Thanks also to our fellow travellers, to those partners without whom the experience would not be the same. Those companies, brands, and the people behind them, who accompany us, collaborate with us to make each creation a unique piece. To our colleagues in the Make a Mark project and to so many that it would be impossible to list in these lines. Thank you for always being a benchmark from which to continue learning, thank you for working side by side to create together the trends of tomorrow.

Estal team, clients, suppliers, and fellow travellers: Happy Holidays! May we all be able to bring light to this world full of disputes, learn from each conflict, and from this part of history we are living through. In 2024 let's continue working so that our contribution to the world helps make it a better place.


The Estal Team.