In the manufacture of micro-granulated cork stoppers as we know it, complex industrial processes are employed, using large quantities of water, energy and chemical agents. All this with the aim of removing what we do not want from cork: TCA, taste, smell, defects, colour... This is why we have decided to make stoppers by using a mix of cork and activated charcoal for spirits packaging.

Activated charcoal naturally neutralizes unwanted substances from the cork. Corkcoal stoppers accept and integrate variations in micro-granule colour and size, with the aim of offering the most sustainable stopper on the market.

An honest and authentic design

We accept what others discard, making better use of raw materials, reducing waste.

Where others see defects, we see natural qualities. An impurity or a difference in the size or colour of the cork particles is not a problem. More information at Corkcoal.

Corkcoal and the Rude collection, design and sustainability at its best

The RUDE Collection is designed in a perfectly recognisable and different way to other spirit bottles on the market, creating a new community of sustainable bottles, with top-quality, 100% PCR glass with an extremely attractive appearance.

The new Corkcoal and Rude bottles are the perfect combination of respectful and organic beauty.