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The search for something different is what sets the bold apart from the rest.  The Rhin bottle is slender, elongated and spiky, a splendid choice to accommodate the best wines. Subtlety is its identifying mark, along with the distinction it achieves through shades and diversity in forms. The Rhin bottle redefines the brand with its presence, brings sobriety and elegance, exclusivity and character. Wineries and producers rely on this design to host the best international wine proposals.

Wild Flint Glass Antico Extra<br>Flint +

SM RH Espiga

750 ml 375 ml 750 ml 750 ml
Other capabilities
Antico Flint +

RH Tobbo

750 ml 500 ml 700 ml 750 ml 1500 ml
Other capabilities
Antico Blue Flint +

RH Breganze

750 ml 375 ml 500 ml 750 ml
Other capabilities
Antico +

RH Orleans

750 ml 375 ml 750 ml
Other capabilities
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