Recovering the value of carefully made and handcrafted products is nowadays a trend because it reminds us of the importance of things done properly.

Our new Philos is a clear tribute to quality and tradition, bringing back the look of the classic pharmaceutical bottle, which kept hundreds of prescriptions and desires..

Why DobleAlto®?

Because a premium product requires presence, and a prestigious, exclusive and quality image:

  • DobleAlto® has a double height base with the aim to increase the presence of the product without necessarily increasing the amount of glass needed to manufacture these customized bottles.
  • The DobleAlto® bottles and containers enhance the image of the product and add value to its content, presenting it on a double base that acts as a podium or a pedestal.

Why ECO?

  • Because we can have a lighter bottle.
  • Because we use less amount of glass.
  • Beacuase DobleAlto is also sustainable.

We imagine it…

  • Spectacular.
  • With a unique personality.
  • With great quality.
  • Handcrafted, made with attention to every single detail.

new MOUTH SOMMELIER, the wine challenge.

Great advantages without the need of great changes.
The new mouth Sommelier, especially thought to bring the greates singularity to great wines,
is a unique solution.

  • It forms a continuous neck and mouth, giving the bottle a cleaner and more essential silhouette.
  • It is presented in a slightly wider than usual neck, achieving as well a more forceful and superior quality image.
  • Unlike the rest of the mouth standards, the cutting line is guided and unambiguous.
  • On top of that, SOMMELIER also works as an anti-drip barrier.

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