Luxe Pack: Monaco welcomes our innovation proposals.

Luxe Pack is one of the most exclusive and important shows in the field of packaging design for Premium brands. An event where visitors and exhibitors reflect on innovation, design and recycling. The main features in Monaco last October ranged from glass bottles to cosmetic containers, as well as packaging solutions for food and beauty. ESTAL travelled to the Principality to show off its design and innovation proposals with Easy Jar and Wild Glass, two of the latest developments created by our experts. We are proud to present these two innovations that bring significant improvements not only to cosmetic and perfumery packaging, but also in terms of fully recyclable colour.


Easy Jar cosmetic packaging

Differentiation is an essential element of Premium cosmetic and perfumery packaging. Easy Jar is a different and innovative design, with an internal finish that eliminates the usual space in the shoulders of containers. This improves usability, as the product is more easily accessible to the end user. Easy Jar is an elegant, understated and solid container which frames the presence and image of the most exclusive brands. It is made with a natural raw material, glass, and its design adds depth and weight to the walls, enhancing the beauty of its lines.


Recycled glass and colour

Responsible consumers and companies are increasingly committed to sustainability and environmentally-friendly design. Based on this paradigm, we have created Wild Glass, a fashionable colour created with 100% recycled glass that also provides a different and totally modern design. An organic design that incorporates imperfection as part of its beauty and authenticity, all the advantages of automatically produced glass. An image without prejudices, in a constant search for natural beauty, with all its imperfections, as is the case in real and artisanal processes.


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