BEAUTYPROF interview

"LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT between the consumer and the luxury containers in the beauty market, thanks to the glass bottles for fragrances, the image of the perfumes, or of any cosmetic product in the market. Aurelio Modrego speaks with the emblematic magazine Beautyprof:

Making the consumer fall in love instantly. That’s currently the main objective in the perfume and cosmetic packaging sector, and, in order to do that, it makes use of beauty and social trends to carry out a constant reinvention that allows it to improve and grow as a market. The sustainability, the customization, the innovation and the designs that are both eye-catching and functional are some of today and tomorrow’s keys in the packaging world.


Nowadays, and to a greater degree during the Christmas season, packaging turns into a clearly differentiating element for the consumer for perfume and cosmetic products at the moment of the buying decision, which makes it true love at first sight. Beside the values that the container instills, the intrinsic features of the product and its emotional value, the packaging becomes, according to Aurelio Modrego, Beauty Manager at Estal, “the essential element that must bring together all the features of the product and show them at first sight, in an absolutely efficient and rapid manner”.

The changes occurred in the world of packaging, which has gone from a mere container and transport of the product to a powerful marketing and communication tool, both for the brand image and for the messages to the consumer, have marked a milestone in the sector, and made noticeable a transformation in all the packaging design markets and especially in the perfume and cosmetics one. According to Modrego, “this new situation has made an important difference in the perception and needs of the packaging design in all the markets.

This new environment not only has changed the guidelines in markets such as the ‘prestige’ products one, where image and brand have traditionally always been essential, but has also changed the guidelines in most of the products and sales channels. An example of it could be the mass market or the pharmaceutical cosmetics, in which until recently cost and functionality were paramount, and where the need to give to their products an attractive and modern packaging has currently been established, being this concept key most of the times in the decision of the conception and purchase of the containers”."

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