AMCOR launches worldwide STELVIN® INSIDE

AMCOR launches worldwide, STELVIN® INSIDE, the first complete range of liners whithout PVCD for screwcaps for wine

Amcor Flexibles Capsulespioneer of Stelvin® aluminium screw caps and liners for wine, innovates by launching Stelvin® Inside: a brand new range of four different liners.

This launch marks a milestone in the history of screwcaps for wine, as the new range which doubles the Oxygen Transmission Rate choice, offering the winemaker many more tools to craft and perfect his wine.

The new liners Stelvin® have been developed by Amcor, which also produces all films required in these liners without PVCD. The liners are manufactured exclusively by its development partner  MGJ, leader between specialists in packaging liners.


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